Stay Fit like a Celebrity

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Everyone loves a good work out session, but do we really know what the best and most effect routines are? We could take a page out of some of our very own celebrities workout manuals. Here are some tips and tricks from them to get your body in top shape!

Halle Berry:
When it comes to being fit and beautiful in Hollywood, you don’t get much more gorgeous than Halle Berry. So just how does this mother and 44-year-old stay looking as in shape as a 20-year-old? With a neat combination of Strength training, kickboxing and cardio workouts on hills. That coupled with a healthy diet that includes lots of fresh produce, lean proteins, complex carbs and plenty of water.

Gewn Stefani:
Rockstar, Icon, fashion mogul and mother of two kids, Gwen Stefani has been trend setter since her No Doubt days. Between her busy schedule making music she still has time to get in a good work out. Her routine includes weight lifting, an intense ab workout, eating healthy and puting family activities above everything to keep her active. Our very own Hollaback girl has the body that most women half her age can only dream of.

Heidi Klum:
There’s a reason Heidi Klum is known as “The Body,” and she’s been working on it for years, on and off the runway. To keep in stunning shape for all her ventures, Heidi works out with LA-based trainer Andrea Orbeck. Heidi’s must-do fitness moves has two that focus on toning the tush and one to perfect posture.

Charlize Theron:
This Hollywood hottie has played roles where she has had to put on and drop off weight in close to no time, she sticks to a strict regimented diet and stays in shape with a ballet inspired workout. This 37 year old doesn’t look anything like her age and continues have a massive fan following all over the world.

Kate Beckinsale:
The underworld star has one of the most desired bodies in Hollywood. To keep this hot bod is shape she uses a 3-2-1 method using cardio, circuits and core work. She started with a Yoga-inspired stretches such as sun salutations and downward dogs to help the blood flow in all the major muscles groups. Diet wise, the Underworld star usually eats eggs of oats for breakfast during filming, a vegetable or chicken wrap for lunch, then fish and veg for dinner. She doesn’t give up on all her treats though.

Penelope Cruz:
Penelope Cruz is a supple and lean Spanish actress who maintains a healthy lifestyle as well as a positive attitude. Her figure has been kept in shape because of years of dancing nd has maintained her long and lean ballerina form by continuing to participate in dance classes whenever possible. With a combination of cardio and strength training 5 days a week she adds on to those dances classes.

Eva Mendes:
Actress Eva Mendes may be less famous than fellow Latina beauties Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara, but she’s a regular on “hottest women” lists, thanks to her healthy diet and active ifestyle. She runs about 4-5 times a week and she does eat meat! In addition to running (which includes sprinting and interval training), the lithe 5-foot-6-inch Mendes also does an hour of weight-training and yoga several days a week. Eva’s diet isn’t restrictive, but is based on portion control and consuming high-quality proteins.

The Victoria’s Secret Workout:
the Victoria’s Secret workout is used to get the world’s sexiest women catwalk-ready. While you might not be getting ready for a spin on the catwalk, you too can get a heavenly figure thanks to the three-step plan used by the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Apart from a warm up the workout simply focuses on arm workouts through boxing, Leg work outs and finally the Core workouts that push the abs to give them that toned figure.

Jennifer Anniston:
Aniston can credit longtime yoga teacher, wellness advisor, and dear friend, Mandy Ingber, for keeping her body, mind, and soul in tip-top shape. She has been working with Aniston for 3-4 days a week since 2005. The results have spoken for themselves. Though the pair didn’t have an ultimate goal, Aniston’s body has never looked better! Sun Salutes that work out the arms, abs and legs, Tree Pose that works out the Inner-thighs, core, and mental focus, and Yoga poses make up her Routine.

Jessica Biel:
The Total recall star did some serious martial-arts training, and while high kicks look cool on the big screen, combat sports aren’t Jessica’s usual workout. Walking, Biking or Running, whatever it is, Jessica loves the outdoors for her Cardio. Jessica has handled 40-pound artillery for a movie role and is a fan of circuit training. Celeb trainer Jason Walsh, who has spent time working with Jessica, describes their workouts as grueling. A well-rounded workout routine should include a healthy dose of stretching, something Jessica knows all too well.

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