10 Grooming Tips for Men

Women give top priority to grooming themselves and ensuring they are perfectly well-kept with scores and scores of help from all over the place. However, men get the short end of the stick because they’re expected to not care about this stuff and be ‘rugged’.
We disagree, for a machine to run well, fuel is required and for you to look good maintenance is required. We know you might be shy of openly admitting to spending time primping yourselves but this can be our little secret. Here’s some makeover tips for you:

Stay Fit like a Celebrity

Everyone loves a good work out session, but do we really know what the best and most effect routines are? We could take a page out of some of our very own celebrities workout manuals. Here are some tips and tricks from them to get your body in top shape!


10 High-Powered Health Snacks

In today’s day and age everyday is a struggle to stay fit and eat right. When planning your healthy meals, keep in mind that 10 to 35 percent of your daily food intake should be lean protein. ┬áNumerous studies, including one recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association have shown that skipping high-protein foods may lead to overeating and is often one of the biggest causes of excess weight gain. Here are list of high protein foods that you can consume.

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Slim

Its never easy to slim down to that desirable size, people usually do it the hard way but here are some tips and tricks for all you lazy coach potatoes who don’t wanna put too much effort into slimming down.


How to make Exercise more Fun!

how to make exercise more fun!Deep down all of us know the various advantages of exercise from weight loss to their role in preventing chronic diseases. However, when it actually comes down to getting up and exercising, most of us fall short.

Following are 6 ways to make exercising more fun! They will ensure that you not only start exercising but also learn to enjoy it.


Simple Self Defence Moves

defenseWhat would you do if you were attacked? It’s a horrible and scary thought, but it could happen.

Read this and stay safe!