The Choices that will Dramatically Impact the Quality of your Life

choiceLife is full of choices and opportunities. However, some choices will have a  greater impact on your life than others.  There are a few choices that will dramatically impact the quality of your life no matter when you make that choice.

So one must know them and the best of them!



Steps to Become More Interesting & Fun

Become InterestingMost people like being around interesting & fun individuals. It’s just human nature. They have good social lives and are rarely bored. I have some very interesting people in my life, and I’ve taken some time to think deeply about what makes them interesting.

In this article we will look into the steps you can take to become a more fun individual.



Health Risks of Sitting Down

Sitting ImageDid you know, Sitting down for more than six hours a day can increase your risk of death by as much as 40%! From increased risk of heart disease and obesity in the long term, to sharply hampered cholesterol maintenance in the short term, the negative health effects of sitting are starting to weigh heavily against the benefits.

Here is a fantastic info-graphic on the health risks of sitting, very informative!


How to Increase Metabolism

Believe it or not, simply changing a few daily habits can have a major impact on your metabolism! If you’re trying to lose weight, increasing your metabolic rate can enable you to lose more weight without cutting more calories.

Here are some tips based on research & studies.


How to Tell When Someone is Lying

Lies LiarsWatching body language in addition to what is spoken might just save you from being a victim of fraud, or it could help you figure out when somebody’s being genuine. The police do this during an interrogation.

You have to learn the little facial and body expressions that can help you distinguish a lie from the truth. Here are some steps and tips to do so.


How to Increase Your Energy Levels Naturally

Increase Your Energy LevelsEveryday I hear the same complaints from the same people about how tired they are, how stressed they are etc. with no solution in sight! The key is to correct the situation versus standing idle and accepting it.

Forget about the energy drinks or pills. Learn to increase your energy naturally, and have a healthy steady supply to get you through each day. By adjusting your personal eating, sleeping and exercise habits, you can boost your energy the natural way and settle into a self-sustaining rhythm.