Tips for Sticking to your New Years Resolutions

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Year on year we make resolutions that we intend on sticking to with conviction, but come the New Year we are back to square one putting them off and saying we will start tomorrow. It is bad habit that comes with every New Year’s Resolution! Here are a few tips to tackle this problem of sticking to your resolution!

1.The start is always the most important so “BE SPECIFIC” with what your resolution is. Make sure it is a clear cut resolution and that it isn’t something generic and vague.

2.Always WRITE IT DOWN. Anything that you have physically written down tends to play on your memory a lot more than something that has been mentally decided upon, so always jot down your resolution to make them more concrete!

3.Constantly REVIEW your resolution and measure how far along you are to achieving it! If your resolution is constantly buzzing around in your head the likelihood of you achieving your target is a lot higher.

4. HOLD YOURSELF RESPONSIBLE for your resolution, make sure you’re accountable at all times for reaching your goal. Track progress and set smaller goals to make sure you are successful in your New Year’s resolution!

5. Consider making POSITIVE CHANGES to your Resolution. Consider making ammendments that would help you reach your goal and feel like you achieved something. Fix the loopholes in your resolutions!

6. Consider GIVING UP a resolution. If you keep making and breaking a resolution that you have made, consider whether you should relinquish it entirely. Focus your energy toward changes that are both realistic and helpful. Don’t let an unfulfilled resolution to lose twenty pounds or to overhaul your overgrown yard block you from making other, smaller resolutions that might make you happier.

7. Have an EVERY DAY resolution. Have a resolution that you need to work on every day so that it eventually becomes routine to do so. Go for a Jog, Exercise, blog, Anything that you can involve in your every day life!

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