Tips for Healthy Hair

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Tips for healthy hairNowadays, not only women but men too are willing to pay any amount of money for finding out the secret behind healthy hair.

Irrespective of the type of hair you are born with, follow these 5 tips and see the results yourself: healthy and luxurious hair.

1) Diet: Healthy hair beings with your body. Dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C which is needed to produce sebum, the body’s natural hair conditioner. Coconut is also considered as an excellent food for hair. Dairy products such as fresh yoghurts and milk not only strengthen your hair but also add shine to it. Avoid processed and canned foods as they are not really helpful in providing nutrition to your hair. If you maintain a healthy, balanced diet then there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving healthy, happy hair.

2) Hairbrush Usage : Brushing your hair before shampooing is essential as it stimulates the scalp and promotes blood flow. It also helps in removing scalp flakes and product buildup. Moreover, do not brush your hair when it’s wet as this causes unnecessary breakage and damages hair. Avoid using plastic, metal and nylon brushes as they attack and break the hair cuticle. Finally, brushing your hair regularly will keep it looking healthy and glossy.

3) Blow Drying: Avoid blow-drying your hair as it can make your hair brittle and cause split-ends. Squeeze the water out with a towel and let it dry naturally. If you must use a hair dryer then keep it at the lowest setting possible. Similarly, steer clear of hair straightners and curling irons.

4) Stress: Stress can have extremely adverse long-term effects on both the quality and the color of your hair. Learn to manage your time well and keep mental pressure at a minimum level. Practice meditation as it is an effective relaxation technique. And last but not the least, get adequate amount of peaceful sleep.

5) Oiling and conditioning: Treat your hair to deep conditioning once every two weeks. They strengthen your hair and protect it against breakage as they penetrate the hair shaft. A warm oil scalp massage twice or thrice a week will also help to keep hair moisturized. Leave it on overnight, if not, then at least for an hour or two before shampooing your hair. Regular oiling and conditioning not only result in lustrous, healthy hair but also help in preventing hair loss.


    Thanks for the valuable tips, will defintely follow the same…..but i am very much concerned about which shampoo to use , I have tried all companies of shampoos but still have problem of hair fall….please Advice me regarding which shampoo to use and which hair oil…….I will be eagerly looking forward for your advice…..

    • Muthukrishnan Periasamy:

      Don’t use any shampoo.,
      All shampoo’s are equally bad

    • Paritosh Sonpal:

      @Kushal Hair fall is one such problem, that doesn’t go away easily. I would recommend using any herbal shampoo(I am not familiar with any brand name), and as mentioned by @swapnali, Parachute hair oil is one of the best hair oils, and a champi with it, once or twice a week, will not only reduce hair fall, but keep your scalp healthy & nourished, and prevent more serious problems in the near future.

  • swapnali:

    Hiii, Kushal,

    You can use aloe Vera based shampoo or herbal product shampoo . & for hair oil, I think co-co nut Parachute hair oil is the best. Rather than you can take a advice from your family doctor.



  • kathir:

    thanks for your valuable tips

  • Nikhil:

    Is it total myth that hair oil does any good for hair. Indians have been having this false knowledge since decades. The truth is that it is only your diet that makes hair healthy, shiny. According to recent study it has been proved that hair is a growth of ‘Dead keratin cells’ (keratin is a protein) and it is obvious that dead cells don’t consume any nutrition.
    Hair loss is totally hereditory and inherited from parents and hair oil can not stop or reduce it. Hair oil can only have little effect if it is left over for 9 -12 hours. See below links

    • Shraddha Yawalkar:

      If you read above, I have mentioned that Deep Conditioning as well as oiling is needed for best results. I agree that hair loss is based on genetics, but it is only one of the reasons as pollution, hair treatments and medical issues can also cause this problem. oiling does slow the process down as it strengthens the roots of your hair. More over, a warm scalp massage is more effective than oiling. It is also true that hair is the growth of dead cells but its a myth that they don’t consume any nutrition as nails are also the growth of dead cells and it has proven that they consume nutrition. If they did not consume any nutrition then no amount of treatments or even food for that matter would have any effect on hair.

      • Nikhil:

        I’ve done further search on the internet and found that hair doesn’t consume any substance from the skin or the surface of scalp, Rather each hair follicle is connected by a vein directly to nourish it. This is clear from the Wiki article on
        Also, there is no article of “hair oil”, but there are studies which show that hair oil doesn’t do any good to the hair, but washing does, a good diet does. This is also clear why this is only known in India with 1.2 billion population, but not recognized by rest of the world population (5.8 billion)

        • Ananya:

          I was under the same impression that we don’t need to oil our hair.. I had great hair and stopped oiling at around 14. Within 4 years, my hair had become coarse and dry and I started losing hair… I am 23 now, and I am still striving to restore my hair to its former glory.. NEVER.. NEVER ever stop oiling your hair.. I learnt it the hard way…

          And whoever said that oiling hair is only something which is done in India? I have been to Finland and all my Finnish friends oil their hair.

  • Loverboy:

    Please dont misguide people with some non authenticated website article. I dont think Indian medicines and treatments are foolish to be followed for centuries. If you do not want to apply oil for your hair dont do it. but, I have got good results by using coconut oil. Believe me my hair is as soft and manageable like breeze flowing in between your fingers. This is only by using oil to my hair and shampooing it with mild shampoo.

  • Viran Daniel:

    Useful tips for us and thanking you.

  • Nikhil:

    I’m not saying that Indian remedies are fake, but Indians have solutions ‘without research’, and research complies with scientific results. No wonder the entire world has better hair than Indians without knowing or using any hair oil. It is just their diet. If you don’t believe me, just ask any westerner, european or chinese, and you will know they have excellent hair but never used hair oil.

    • kr indian:

      Oiling of hair doesn’t strengthen the hair, it simply gives luster and makes them soft. Like how a wet cloth is softer than a dry cloth. But the roots of the hair, the hair follicles are alive. Hence they take up nutrition and help in growth of the hair, So it is oiling of hair follicles (scalp) which helps in nourishing the scalp thus helping in the growth. So both of the arguments are legitimate 🙂

      • Nikhil:

        You are close to right. Speaking more correctly, if you see the hair shaft in any image, you can see that it is connected via a blood artery(not vein) where it is fed nutrition. There is no connection whatsoever with the scalp and the hair shaft. The scalp just supports the hair shaft, so anything you apply to the scalp won’t reach the root.

  • Varun:

    The oil which is said by our elders to apply on hairs is not really for hairs but its for scalp. As oiling hairs gives nourishment to the scalp(the skin) and also acts as a cleanser.

  • Gagan Dhawan:

    For all those, on a look out for ideal herbal hair oil, be informed that as per Ayurveda(Ancient herbal texts), Til oil(Also known as Seasame oil is the best oil. Next comes Sarsoun(Mustard) oil

    Here is a simple remedy to make a herbal oil free of any chemicals, artificial perfumes which will do wonders to our hair :-

    – Take half a litre of Seasame oil(Nowadays available readily at your nearest grocery store) + 500 gms Amla(Gooseberry) pulp.
    – Put them in a vessel and put it to simmer.
    – Wait till quantity gets reduced to half.
    – Allow it to get cold.
    – Seive it and store in a bottle.
    – Your herbal hair oil is ready.

    Application :-

    – Apply generously on scalp(on dry hair only).
    – Gently massage for 10 minutes.
    – Let it remain for 5-6 hours.
    – Later rinse hair with a Reetha based shampoo.

    Diet :-

    – Eat lots of dairy products say cheese, curd/milk(full cream/single toned only.. No double toned products please)
    – Eat sprouts as in moong dal in particular.

    Precautions :-

    – Never blow dry your hair.
    – Remember heat is the worst thing that can do damage to your hair.

    For any further queries, mail me at

    God Bless

  • Gagan Dhawan:

    Hey Nikhil,

    Please be informed that it’s not the herbal medicines, oils that are to be blamed. It’s the proper way/conditions, authenticity of ingredients, application that plays a major role in effectivenes of any product. Not undermining hereditory reasons too

    To quote example, my family has a history of baldness. But I am the only person in my family to have decent hair growth. Blame it on use of herbal oils, my dairy products rich diet that have helped me immensely. I have been thoroughly involved in this field for last 17 years though still a learner but have many useful tit-bits of information to share.

    I would conclude by saying that it’s the myth promoted by these Big-Shot shrewd companies to rake in moolah by deceiving people. But besides them, a lot of quacks with li’l bit of knowledge are also to be blamed who have put our most treasured Ancient herbal knowledge to same.

  • Dear Gagan Dhawan,
    Thanks for the method of preparing hair oil. But, doesn’t oil burn on heating for a long time? Will it reduce??

  • Nikhil:

    What I learn from of people is that hair needs nutrition and scalp exercise. The best way for this is to lay upside down for some minutes so that the head has a chance to increase circulation of blood in the head and scalp. Also, if this blood contains plenty of oxygen and nutrients (protein and vitamins), then this itself is the key to all hair issues and promote thick and dense hair. Many people use electric massager which is very effective, soothing, saves energy, and is done without other person having to take your care. Also, electric massager massages without hair breakage as opposed to with fingers where hair is lost by breakage and uprootment.

  • Thanks for the tips…but i am very much confused about which shampoo to use , I have tried all companies of shampoos but still have problem of hair dandruff….please Advice me regarding which shampoo to use and which hair oil…… i will be wait for your advice…..

  • timekiller:

    i want to know what the causes of white hairs.
    one of my good friend have white hairs in very young age.
    is there any cure for it? but basically why do some peoples have it at young age?

    • Nikhil:

      Like many other things, grey/ white hair is also hereditory and governed by Genetics. Means if parent or their parents have it, it may come tot he child. This is also caused by may medical conditions. Wikipedia mentions that some start having white hair at very early age of 10yrs.
      As of now, there is no cure for premature graying of hair. You can prevent it somewhat by avoiding exposure to sunlight and harmful radition and dust/pollution, but it is totally unpredictable.

  • Rachel:

    If the bristles on my hairbrush can’t be plastic, metal, or nylon, then what material does that leave me with? I can’t think of any other kind.

  • Tejal Chauhan.:

    Hi Gagan Dhawa,
    I have very scanty hair & tried a lot of shampoos & hair oil,but all in vain. Right now I am using BIOTIQUE Ayurvedic shampoo. Also have a lot of hair. Fall. What do u suggest for shampoo & hair oil.Also please advise on preventing white hair.Thank U.

  • Dhani:

    hi, i oil my hair once every week, but problem is that it remains oily even after shampooing twice. I never had a problem before since I was staying in an area where there is less pollution n soft water. But nw since I have shifted to city I am finding it very difficult to remove the oil n have my hair flowing silkily. Anybody having a solution to this problem plz reply.

  • Please guide us shampoo for hair falling and dandruff, Please let us know what to do with split ens . awaiting your immediate advice .

  • sangavi:

    hai gagan dhawan, im sangavi im 21 years old i like long and dense hair but my hair short so plz tel some tips grow long hair faster

  • Sankar Mukherjee:

    Thank you Priya for having shared this useful tips towards the healthy hair.

  • M N Rao:

    I wish to tell you all a great secret of healtghy hair. This comes from 67 years of practice which has retained healthy “black’ hair on my own scalp!
    1. Stop using any shampoo. If at all, use it once a week.
    2. While taking bath, rub your hair vigourously with finger tips.
    3. Apply a little oil everyd day.

    Did you ever think why every one’s side locks or beard or mustache greys first and hair above greys last? That is because you wash face with soap more often than wash your hair with soap or shampoo. The health aspects of soaps & shampoos are not real but created by commercial interests of manufacturers. Go natural. Stay healthy & black (on scalp).

  • umer:

    plz mention some tips for oily hair too.. i have oily hair. and if i dont wash it continously then it keeps on falling.. i have lost a lot of my hair.. also i want to ask you about garlic.. is it good to use for falling hair?


  • umer:

    because i have oily skin, so i never use oil on my hair…

  • pal:

    I observed that in low income group i.e. in slum area , ladies are
    having very healthy hair. I think that all we are very often
    uses shampoo and that is the main reason of falling hair.

  • navneet maurya:

    Thanks for d valuable tips, i m very conscious abt my hair, n i m very choosy to use any product to my hair.,
    thanks a lot.

  • hanamant:

    hi sir/medum am suffering from hair losing pl give me a how to follow the care for hair,and any problem is their daily hair bathing in cold water because am every day bathing in cold 27 years old, am applying every day after bathing coconut oil is it wrong or right ?please suggest best shampoo also in ayurvedic

  • HeeraMani:

    Nice & useful Tips

  • Ram:

    Nice & useful Tips, ThankU

  • guruprasad sp:

    plz mention some tips for oily hair too.. i have oily hair. and if i dont wash it continously then it keeps on falling.. i have lost a lot of my hair..

  • Sejal:

    How much often is this article going to be highlighted? Group memebers are deliberately pushed and forced to read this every now and then.

    There’s much more on the internet about haircare than just here.

  • sayed nabi:

    I am so appreciat and i am realy proud of you sending me vey useful informations.i want to know what the causes of white hairs.
    one of my good friend have white hairs in very young age.
    is there any cure for it? but basically why do some peoples have it at young age.and also what is the cuase of hair falling?do you know some thing to help?

  • tany:

    Hi.. Its great reading these comments on shampoos n oil. Wat about any good conditioner for hair?

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