Tips for Glowing Skin

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Tips for Glowing SkinAre you, like most of population of the world, eager to know how to acquire and maintain healthy, glowing skin? Well the good news is that you can easily achieve this at home without expensive salon treatments that burn a hole in your pocket.

The real secret is to stick to these tips regularly. Read on to know you can achieve radiant skin by following these 7 simple tips.

 1) Water Therapy: It is essential to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, especially in the hot summer months. This will keep you hydrated from within. It is full on natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium along with iodine, copper and iron which help to flush out toxins from your body and keep your skin glowing.

2) Exercise: There are a number of ways that exercise can benefit your skin. Exercise gets the blood flowing, carrying more oxygen to the skin which improves overall health of the skin. It also reduces stress levels which can leave your skin looking dull. It also leads to production of natural oils of the skin that help the skin to look soft and healthy. Finally, exercise makes you sweat which helps in getting rid of the toxins that can block your pores causing pimples and blemishes.

3) Exfoliate: Regular exfoliation is necessary for getting and maintain glowing healthy skin. Our body sheds skin cells at an alarming rate every single minute of every day. If you don’t get rid of them, your skin becomes dull and dry. Use a body scrub (a separate face scrub should be used for face and neck) to get rid of the dead cells and cleanse the skin. Do this 2-3 times a week for beautiful, radiant skin.

4) Avoid food chemicals: Steer clear of any processed foods, foods are too sweet, fatty and greasy as they contain chemicals that are bad for your skin. Instead, have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re a great source of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. They aid the toxins elimination process which if not done properly can cause a lot of skin problems such as pimples.

5) Beauty sleep: It’s known as beauty sleep for a reason! Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day as lack of sleep can lead to premature ageing of skin. Moreover, this is the time when body repairs itself from the damages it suffered during the day.

6) Moisturize: Moisturizers not only help in hydrating your skin but also prevent the skin from losing its natural moist. They are absorbed better when the skin is damp so use immediately after a bath or shower. It also protects and restores your skin’s complexion, elasticity and plasticity and so should be an essential component of your skin care regime.

7) Use a sunscreen: The sun’s rays tan the skin very easily. Wrinkles and dark spots also caused by skin damage. All this makes you skin appear dull. Hence, a good sunscreen with SPF 15-30 is crucial to protect your skin and keep it looking healthy.

  • B V Vijaya:

    The article will not be complete without solutions / proper suggestions for the following points
    2) Exercise: There is no mention of types of exercises in the article
    3) Exfoliate: What type of scrubs to be used available in the Nature.
    5) Beauty sleep: As per doctors depending upon ones metabolism 5 to 6 hours sleep is good for an adult.
    6) Moisturize: All most all types of moisturisers have one or other chemicals either for fragrance / for clicking on to shin / for other reasons. In your article, Point No.4, you advice not to use any chemicals / to avoid them. Recommend Natural moisturisers available in Nature & how to use them
    7) Use a sunscreen: The sun screens available in the market contain again certain chemicals. Mention about Naturally available sunscreens.

    Your article will have more weight OR encouraging with solutions OR right recommendations. Otherwise it just becomes like an advice having no meaning.

    • Shraddha Yawalkar:

      Type of exercise: 1) yoga: asanas such as shavasana (corpse pose), sirsasana (headstand)Viparitakarani Kriya ( shoulder stand) The Kapilbhati Kriya ( breathing)
      2) facial exercises: they can be divided into 3 categories-
      a) neck and throat exercises
      b) eyes and forehead exercises
      c) lips and cheek exercises
      for more information go to @

      Type of exfoliants: the best known natural exfoliants are used coffee grounds, sugar and oatmeal.

      Types of moisturisers: Honey has been found to be the best natural moisturiser for the skin as it keeps it hydrated all year long. For more information go to @

      Types of sunscreen: There are a lot of good natural sunscreens available if the market. Any organic or ayurvedic shop will stock them. First thing to consider is a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum, meaning it should be able to protect against different UV rays like UVA, UVB and even UVC if possible. Second, it should have the ability to maintain a consistent level of protection. Third would be, having biodegradable ingredients because some chemicals on these sunscreens when washed into the water can harm aquatic wild life.

      • ammu:

        what type of exercise i must do, 2 please tell me about some items like scurbs, moisturizer, sunscreen etc which don’t have chemicals in it because every where you mentioned to avoid chemicals please make it clear how i can avoid chemicals and glow my skin by following your TIP’S

      • anita didwania:

        thanks shraddha for such nice & useful info.

    • Selam:

      Very useful tips. Thanks

  • Tips are vere very very benificial

  • M.Sridevi Thulaseedharan:

    1 what type of exercise i must do, 2 please tell me about some items like scurbs, moisturizer, sunscreen etc which don’t have chemicals in it because every where you mentioned to avoid chemicals please make it clear how i can avoid chemicals and glow my skin by following your TIP’S
    thank you

  • urva:

    B V Vijaya is right cos without solutions OR right recommendations article is not useful

  • K Lakshmi:

    As Vijaya had said this article is incomplete – factual errors found.

  • Parmanand:

    The article is of general nature. It should be specific such as which exercise to be done and how much,the type of scrubber,the type of moisturiser etc.

  • Namita nanda.:

    Tips are okay but it will be more worthy if certain things would be categorically mentioned.

  • Indira:

    Dear readers of this page,
    In all fairness, I think that we must also do our own research, without expecting all the answers in one article. E.g. exercise – one can read up other books, websites etc., to select the kind of exercises suitable according to one’s available time limitations, body type etc. The heavier built people can start with gradual exercise, while the lighter people can do more vigorous exercise. But for all body types there has to be a starting point, if the person has never exercised at all.
    For natural facial scrubs, moisturizers etc. one can read up books/websites (which can be found by just googling, using key words)on natural beauty products etc. Judging by the names on this page I guess we are mostly people of Indian origin.
    India has a wealth of herbal beauty products which can be used in their original form, which our own mothers and grandmothers have used, and have taught us. We are also blessed with many natural oils like coconut oil, gingelly oil etc. which are highly recommended even in western countries, and extracted from home grown herbs, plants and trees. If you have a skin problem, then of-course you have to see a skin specialist and not expect a cure from an online beauty page.
    I gather this information page is for intelligent adults and not for children. Do some work yourselves dear people, use the guidelines that Shraddha has provided in her article and expand on them by doing some reference yourselves. Don’t expect someone else do do all the work for you. Expand your knowledge on beauty just as you would on other topics like math, chemistry or biology, or even literature. I have persistently done so, and have had lots of fun in the process, learning new things and also making more and more amazing discoveries. Wish you all the best of luck with exploring and discovering more beauty and health information. 🙂

  • Cosmetics Makeup:

    this article is just a direction or tips.if you want to learn more than one can find it on is not possible to mention all things in one article.

  • Aruna Kumari:

    Thanks Shraddha for the great tips. I am definitely going to try them out. I heard Parachute has come out with a new summer variant, a body lotion for the summer months. I want to try it out. I also want to know if you liked it and what are your reviews? Thanks…

  • Radhakrishnan:

    Thank you very much for your tips. I will try some of the aboe tips for me and my family.

  • Krishna:

    Hi Shraddha. Thanks for the great tips for glowing skin. I am fan of Parachute much like your another fan above Aruna Kumari. Parachute has come out with a new product. Will you please review it?

  • Gema Cratso:

    Thanks a lot Shardha for sharing such a great tips on how to take care of your skin. One more point I would like to add in yous post is that if you want your skin to be healthy then always wear smile on your face and stay away from stress.

  • Hello
    Your advice good , but its proper channel <( like exercise , natural Moisturize ) , Dr say 6 hours sleep for adult , but …..

    Kindly clear all above dauot .

  • vikas upadhyay:

    without following the above tips it is not good to leave comment like this…please be positive about the tips with your own research

  • swaroopa:

    hi thanks for your valued tips.

  • Sankar Mukherjee:

    Thank you so much for having provided several useful tips for glowing skin which I feel is going to give benefits to me and also to the members of my family.

  • Akbar Ali Habib:

    Water has calcium in it? How much?
    Other chemicals also? We were told water
    Has two molecules of Hydrogen and one
    Molecule Of Oxygen.

  • shekh:

    hi thanks for your valued tips.

  • Manju:

    Well Indira has explained very should do his own research after getting important tips, according to their needs.

  • Pallavee Patil:

    Dear madam your suggestions are too good. Even queries throw light on the subject. Very helpfully tips keep it up Pallavee Patil

  • Muhammad Faheem:

    Above mentioned tips are good for glowing and healthy skin but I will certainly agree with Gema Castro that Smile and distance from Stress is of great value

  • Anil Badiani:

    Gererly ther are 3types of exersies. 1 streching 2 cardio 3 weight training all together will make it complete exersies.

  • very nice tips thanks for sharing

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