Simple Self Defence Moves

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defenseWhat would you do if you were attacked? It’s a horrible and scary thought, but it could happen.

Read this and stay safe!

The freeze stance:

Memorize the following three steps and do not hesitate to use them if you feel threatened!

stop1) Stand tall– If someone approaches you in a menacing way, stand tall and strong with your feet shoulder-width apart, one foot (it doesn’t matter which) out slightly in front of the other.
2) Stop sign– Hold your arms straight out in front of you, touching your thumbs together and spreading the rest of your fingers, so you’ll firmly send the signal “Stop!” to your potential assailant.
3) Speak up– Follow your strong stance by using a command that will let him know you’re serious, like “! Leave me alone!” Then say something to reduce the tension like “I don’t want any problems.”

Tip: Confidence can deter a potential attacker, so walk at a steady pace and act like you know where you’re going.
Why it works: The freeze stance is your first line of defense. It defuses the situation before it escalates into an attack. Plus it shows that you’re bold enough to take control of the situation and confident enough to fight if you have to. The freeze stance combines verbal and non-verbal signals (the arms held out straight the command) that show you’re not afraid to face your attacker. He sees your strength, and no one wants a strong victim.

side kickThe side kick:

If you’re ever attacked, chances are you’ll be knocked to the ground in the struggle. It’s easy to be scared and think that once you’re down, you’re helpless. But that’s not true! Your lower body is the strongest part of you so practice this until it’s second nature.

1) Gear up– Roll onto your side, hold your torso up with one arm, bend the bottom leg till your foot’s near your bottom. Put the other leg in the air, knee bent, thigh perpendicular to your body. Remember, don’t just practice with only leg-you might end up having to use the other one.
2) Kick– Aim for sensitive areas such as the face or groin. Stay focused on your target and kick your top leg hard while twisting your torso towards the ground. Your arms should be planted and your belly button facing the ground to give more power. If your attacker grabs your kicking leg, flip over and kick him with your other foot.
3) Reload– Quickly get back into position so you’re ready to kick again if you need to. Once he’s on the ground, get up and run.

Tip: Your voice is a powerful weapon. Shout a specific instruction like “Call the police!” as loud as you can.

elbowThe elbow strike:

Being attacked from behind is especially scary because it takes you by surprise. However there is a move you can use to defend yourself against an attacker who sneaks up on you-the elbow strike. If done correctly, this blow can throw your attacker off-balance and even break his nose.

1) Grab– As soon as you’re attacked from behind, quickly take note of which side of you the assailant’s head is on. Then, with your opposite hand, grab his forearm, which will probably be wrapped around your waist. This way, he won’t be able to pull away and your strike will be more powerful. The arm closer to his face is the one you’ll use to strike.
2) Strike-Twist at the waist while bringing your other arm back, elbow bent, to hit your attacker in the face. Thrust your elbow upward so it hits him from the bottom of the nose up, at an angle. While turning, try to look him straight in the face do you’re more likely to hit your target.

  • Suresh Kumawat:


    Thanks for nice Simple Self Defence Moves. These are very useful and my
    girlfriend also appreciate its.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks for providing useful steps.

  • AsadGhumman:

    This article is a plain a BS & misleading.

    1- First of all don’t stretch your arms straight, you become more vulnerable in that posture. the arms should be half bent so that you can move them easily if required.

    2- NEVER NEVER use kick as your first attack or response to an attack & that too on face.. BS… 95% chances are that attacker will grab your foot & will quickly hit your other leg, your groin or will pull you outwards & you will be licking the ground miserably in no time. Then you are doomed

    3- You should give him a atop signal & then bring you both hands to your chest. If he still proceeds further, give a surprise blow under his chin or nose with you palm, then hit his groin or his solar plexus with your knee then again hit on his face or head & run away. This all would hardly take 5-10 seconds & the opponent will be totally out of sense.

    4- Most importantly, be careful while hitting the head at the end. Act sensibly, Remember u are doing this just for self defence not for killing a human being.

    Stay Safe & Blessed

  • raghav:

    hi suresh guess ur GF can now use it against you.. HA just joking. you are right nice simple moves

  • Rits:

    HI, Thanks a lot for these useful and simple defence techniques….. will always keep these in mind. 🙂

  • Mehul:

    I appreciate your tips, however it may not work in odd situation because of following reasons:

    1. For using all these techniques one needs to practice everyday, as Rome was not built in a single day.

    2. One has to be strong enough to fight because you don’t know how much strong is your enemy.

    3. Never use kick at all, because you may fall down on the ground.

    4. Just try to escape from the situation just to show that u r afraid of your enemy, and then give him a surprise attack from the back with the stone or a brick on his head.

    5. Always fight very quickly as quick as possible.

    6. Fight with do or die will, then only you will succeed.

  • unninarayanan:

    It is inevitable to understand some self defense techniques….



  • Vimlesh:

    really very useful if applied by women

  • Harish Kumar:

    The best way is to inform to the Police, or to take somebody help to protect ourselves in that situation.

  • R. Narayanan:

    AsadGhuman makes more sense than the original article and supposed advice. The advice is sure to land you in more trouble.

    • R. Narayanan:

      In any such sudden attack, our reflex action is what really comes into action. However, there is no harm in knowing the various self defence.

  • you can also attatc with 2 fingure in the eye. do not panic. with the more force hitting with lags in the midal part of body

  • Hahaha..!nice defense, shocking ideas.

  • charles oyoo:

    very good skills

  • Paulo Rattes:

    Gostei bastante.


  • GIRI:

    useful tips for self defense when attacked in lonely area. GIRI Yam Realtors.

  • Dr.Maya Rao:

    Another simple way is to carry a “pepper gun” with you(especially young girls). They are quite cheaply available these days, and are effective.You just point the small pocket-sized gun towards the eyes of the attacker and press a button.This will spray pepper in his eyes even from a distance of about four feet and incapacitate him for a few minutes,giving you enough time to run away or to raise alarm. This pepper spraying does not damage the eyes permanently.

  • R.V.SHAH:

    Thanks for teaching us basic Self Defence Techniques. If you are conducting Regular Karate or Self Defence Classes, please advise me on ‘’ as I wish to teach my club members.

  • Amit:

    These are good steps however just ensure that you do not loose concentrations while you are under attack. Best defence is to sideline the attack and then you have counter attack chance.

  • Mark otzelberger:

    Lets all imagine a pleasant world for us and everyone in it, with Love, like a healthy human body.

  • Adeel:

    The most effective self defence (when faced by stronger opponent or multiple opponents, and always for women who r attacked my men):
    1- PUSH AND RUN, in a crowded area or a shop/mall.
    Position both hands onto the opponents chest and with a foot front and back, push with the intension of dropping ur enemy on the ground.

    As crazy and cowardly as it may sound that the only practical defence possible when u r faced with a stronger opponent. I have practiced marshal arts for 5 years including kick boxing and taekwondo and this is what we practice when ur faced with stronger opponents and if ur flanked with surprise.

  • Ravi:

    The best self defense is offense.
    1. If yopu are being chocked by an attacker, use your hands to pull the little finger of his hand so that he will be forced to break the choke. During this time twist and strike the eyes and/ or the hollow below the throat.The attacker will be immobilized.

    2. The shin (below the knee to the ankle ) has no protection this can be kicked/ scraped down to the ankle and a sharp blow with your feet is to be given to the instep (top of the foot). This will give a sharp pain and the attacker will be forced to bow down and then finish off with a blow to eyes/ throat/groin.

    These tow moves can be practiced and one can safely get away from an attacker.

  • hars:

    totally got confused about what to be followed above all

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