Effective Ways to Lower your Cholesterol Levels

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cholesterol levelsThe lifestyle of today is such that people always have too many balls in the air and are competing with time. However, that is no excuse to eat junk food on the go all the time. It leads to obesity and high cholesterol levels which are harmful for health. Even though awareness regarding this has been generated, the number of people suffering from high cholesterol has continues to increase steadily over the years. High cholesterol can easily be managed by following a few basic rules. Read on, before it’s too late. 

1) Diet: The types of food you eat and they way they’re prepared can have an immense effect on the cholesterol levels in your body. Certain food themselves contain cholesterol which are known as dietary cholesterol. Some examples of such foods are kidneys, eggs and prawns. However, the as compared to saturated fats, cholesterol found in such food has much less effect on the level of cholesterol in your blood. It is essential to cut down on saturated fats in order to reduce your cholesterol levels.

i. Fats and Cholesterol : Saturated and unsaturated are the two main types of fat. Consuming foods that are high in saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels in the blood. Foods high in saturated fat include ghee, cheese, cream, cakes, biscuits, fatty cuts of meat and foods containing coconut or palm oil. Unsaturated fat can actually help in reducing cholesterol levels. Foods high in unsaturated fats include oily fish, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils and spreads. As nuts are high in calories, only a handful is enough per serving. Include nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts etcetera. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are very good for the heart. Finally, reduce the total amount of fat in your diet by avoiding fried and roasted foods. Steam, boil or grill your food. If you must use oil, use olive oil.

ii. Fiber and cholesterol: The two different types of fiber are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber can be digested by your body whereas insoluble fiber cannot. Foods containing soluble fiber include oats, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas and of course, fruits and vegetables. Bananas are an excellent source of fiber. Soluble fiber can reduce the absorption of cholesterol into your bloodstream.

iii. Another important point to be considered is the size of the portion being consumed. Try to eat 5 balanced meals, containing small portions, a day. Reducing your intake of caffeine can also help in lowering your cholesterol levels.

2) Exercise: Studies have shown that exercising even 3 times a week can reduce your cholesterol levels. The best form of exercise is to go for long walks. It doesn’t require anything and can be done anytime, even in between your work. If you are looking more vigorous activities then you can try cycling, running, dancing and go to the gym. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do.

3) Drink Water: Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day as drinking more water keeps the body fitter as it reduces fats. Our kidneys also do not function properly if adequate amount of water is not supplied. Moreover, it also eliminates water retention properly. It makes the endocrine gland function properly which helps in balancing our body’s electrolytes, minerals such as sodium, chloride and potassium, which regulate body temperature and control blood pressure. Finally, it helps in the transportation of water-soluble vitamins and nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins across the body.

4) Quit Smoking: Smoking not only increases the LDL (low density lipoproteins, the bad cholesterol, while decreasing HDL (high density lipoproteins), the good cholesterol levels. This damages the arteries. The nicotine in cigarettes can also lead to heart palpitations. Smoking also makes the blood stickier by raising fibrinogen levels and platelet counts. Carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke also raises blood cholesterol levels. Research has found that giving up smoking leads to the rising of the HDL levels and depleting of the LDL levels. Within 24 hours of quitting, risk of a heart attack subsides. Due to all the above, it is proven that it makes sense to quit smoking.

  • Adolf:

    Pure Coconut Oil has been and is harmless for I know it as a Sri Lankan.
    My Grandparents and parents have been very healthy and we use plenty of Pure coconut oil.As a matter of fact most Lankans use it as coconut is tied to our land and lives.Artificial oil makers for their benefit carry out false campaigns. And now independent research has proved the value of pure coconut oil which can even cure alzheimers.

    • Piyasena Kahanda Gamage:

      Yes. coconut oil is not harmful as it was used by all Sri lankan for a very long time but they were healthy as their life pattern was involved with lot of body exercise. No harm using coconut oil if you are working hard or doing lot of exercise, but if you are a white collar employee better to avoid.

    • PC Xavier:

      I totally agree. Almost all campaigns against coconut oil is by MNCs selling their own oils, dalda etc. There are innumerable research papers about the benefits of coconut oil brought out by American Researchers. In fact I learn that drinking virgin coconut oil (5-10 ml) at bed time can reduct cholestorol. I think it is high time people stop the misinformation campaign against Coconut Oil.

    • you are absolutely right. However the same oil does not suit some
      sub-sect races. For instance in Southern part of Tamilnadu,India and in Kerala state they use coconut oil extensively, west bengal too use a lot of this oil No adverse effects. It has got something to do with the genetic and lifestyle make up May be. Some Research is needed

    • sri lankan boy:

      Yeah true…. Coconut oil fear is pointless…

  • Sujath Kumar:

    It is a true fact that we, Keralites are so much using coconut oil from time immemmorial without any problems. It has become an integral part of our lives. One day somebody comes and says, hey, coconut oil is very harmful to your body. We are not fools to swallow this as such. We have gone to examine the truth and found that actually the culprits are two:
    1. Frying ANY OIL repeatedly will defenitely increase its cholesterol increasing quality.
    2. Adulterations.
    Our humble request is that when experiments has prove this truth, why don’t you leave this innocent coconut oil?

    • AK:

      Yes sir. You may not be a fool to believe this but there are plenty of fools who believe this and stop using coconut oil. That is good enough for the person who wrote the article

  • Ramli:

    Moderation is the key to a healthy life. Too much of anything good is NO GOOD !

  • Manvinder Rawat:

    There are number of idias which can reduce chelestrol. Thanks for this site playing a role in good way and help the pople live better.

  • anand:

    u guys true but now days where u get pure food ….and organic food also now days very costly …

  • bbbhandari:

    What are insoluble fibres and its usfulness or otherwise should have been given alongwith proportions of nuts and how they should be eaten. Almonds are said to be useful in reduxtion of LDL by 10% if taken 70 gms p.d. for 3 months. It is said that almond oil is as useful. It is recommended almonds should be de-skinned after overnight soaking. These poits need to be touched.

    I am a North Indian and don’t use coconut oil. but it is said untreated c.oil is boon. Moreover the hot water used after eating is also good and fat reducing agent.

  • Very useful information about cholesterol,and best life style maintain,

  • Eng. sabah manthar:

    yes, it’s very good and useful advices , pls give the advantages and the side effects for using any type of foodfor curing or helping to avoid a type of dieseas .Thanks

  • Very Very Good Information.
    We should follow the instructions for a better nation.

    • Rashmi:

      Good information. Please include personal experiences as to what helped people in fighting cholesterol in everyday life.

      • Asif:

        Rashmi..If you ask me that question, my answer would be, I have been consuming health products by DXN. Mainly their spirulina and RG GL s. One of my friend recommended this to me considering my mothers health. I did research on these products immensely for about a month over internet and also chatting with the people who were using them.. So I bought them for my mom.. And now thank God she is in amazing shape.. After that i started taking them myself.. best part is that they are not medicines.. they are whole food supplements..Research your self on these products if you are concerned about your or your family’s health.. i bet you wont see any doctor again for being ill…

        I hope this helps you.

        • K.V.Narrasimham:

          I just checked that Spirulina has high protein content. This will pose problems who have kidney problems as a cause of diabetes.
          Pl comment

  • kailash jain:

    very good information…helpful for everyone…thanks..


    what about using OILVE OIL in place of any other edible oils available in market , will it be useful in reducing cholesterol and increase body resistant power ?


    I agree with Adolf.
    As a Sri Lankan I know the value of Coconut oil.
    If you apply pure coocnut milk (without adding water)on hair its more
    beneficial for its growth.

    For Cholesterol : Why don’t you try Cinnamon powder with honey daily morning and evening? And use Garcinia gambodia(Goraka) in your daily curries.

    Best Regards- Priyanthi – Sri Lanka

  • knvvr:

    Guys, go to hell with you and your coconut oil.What ever Keralites use they project that it is great including tiny Bananas, worst tasted Kappa etc. Come on , change your self as per the scientific studies

  • Very useful tips.Everybody should follow them rigorously.

  • karan thakur:

    hi how r u sir

  • Eng Afroz Ali Ansari:

    Very good and useful information to maintain the health.

  • Jaivir Singh Chauhan:

    Very important and educational informations.

  • given info regarding colestrol is very good.

  • satish sharma:

    No food is good or bad.The secret of good health lies in balanced mix according to your lifestyle with exercise according to your age and regular medical check-up to know that all medical parameters are ok. Good health is basically dependent on the following mix;
    1. Balanced nutrition as per your age.
    2. Optimum exercise regularly.
    3. Emotional stability.

  • KR Dayanada:

    Very useful information , however it is not correct to name coconut oil also as a culprit.Latest scientific research has so much of information on good side of coconut oil , infact for alhzimer type desease it seems proven cure, so plese keep room for coconut oil as it helped us to keep our lives and our grand fathers for so many years.


  • bipin Relia:

    where there is a cholesterol there should be the GARLICS.The suggetion
    in article is very good,but the enemy of the cholesterol is forgotten.
    one the reason for cholesterol is use of ground nut oil which suggestion also not in artical.There may be highest use of ground nut oil is in Gujarat state of INDIA.Please improve matter of artical for public safe.
    the instruction is fine and thanks for that.

  • Bakyaraj Thirunavukkarasu:

    The coconut oil, olive oil, groundnut oil, Ghee, palm oil, rice bran oil, corn oil and so on, each has good and bad contents in it. If we continuously use only one oil that will deposit it’s bad content in our body. So it is good to use all oil regularly. We can use each oil for a month so we will get, good contents of all oil over a period and the bad content will not cross it’s threshold.

  • s.ramani:

    Thank you very much for the very good information indeed

  • All the above solutions are very good for reducing cholestrol, a vegetarian or vegan diet may be the best solution, since animal products are acidic and therefore not a good form of diet. Most important is to reduce Stress, modern day luxury living and a materialistic lifestyle creates a lot of stress, try to reduce this, live a simple life like our forefathers did with less luxury.

  • vipin pandya:

    Very Very Good Information.
    We should follow the instructions for a better nation.
    There are number of idias which can reduce chelestrol. Thanks for this site playing a role in good way and help the pople live better.

  • arun:

    thanks for ur advice , will green tea helps to reduse cholestrol


    very informative and useful.Tell me how to increase HDL?

  • Gulshan Malhotra:

    so called cholesterol free like sun flower etc become rich in cholesterol in the Indian way of cooking. when we heat the oil before putting jeera etc we are creating saturated oil. For just use half a spoon of oil and put in your jeera and any other whole condiments and the put in the onions/vegetables and then add the oil for cooking.
    Use mustard oil which does not convert to saturated oil on heating Biharies use it that way and Punjabies and Begalies fry their fish and pakodas that way. Olive oil is good but it also becomes saturated when we heat it in our Indian way. Further it eats into your pockets.

    I may be wrong but that is the way we cook in our family. I personally like my poories and parathas fried in mustard oil. I am 73 and my cholesterol is below 150. It goes up when I have to depend on hotel food or when I consume a lot of red meat.

  • Ali:

    Excellent information, I will start following ASAP…

    Guys don’t be ingrate and give the man a break, What he said above is scientifically proved and authentic and even if there’s somthing that doesn’t sound agreable, choose the one that does…

    Once again, Great Info, Keep ’em coming :-)!!

  • A very useful information

  • Jagdish Trivedi:

    The informations provided are rather very important but if they have been implemented they are worth reading to all

  • bhimsain sharma:

    We all know these but can’t follows, remembering words are rather important than…. The cause of remembering good things rather good.

  • Muza Sulaiman:

    wow that’s a useful tips thnx4sharing,,,

  • sameer:

    Thanx for the valuable information….

  • Izram:

    Thank U very much for giving excellent information

  • rajeev nair:

    pure coconut oil is very good and harmless

  • GURDEEP Singh Saini:

    This is the most un counted priceless advice.

  • Rofodol:

    Oil is oil, whether coconut, olive, etc. Poach eggs in water with a little vinegar, use oven toaster or charcoal brazier, if using oil, very little only. If deep frying, drain, soak up excess with paper towels, continue cooking in oven toaster. Oils well that ends well.

  • James Jacob:

    I am a farmer from Kerala , India. I could see a true statements in support of Coconut oil.
    My parents who lived over the age of 90 without much ilhealth have been living with coconut oil throughout their life .
    True many lobies have been working against coconut oil either that they are not aware of the short and medium chain fatty acids or that they are deliberately closing their eyes to support certain other Marketing groups .
    But lately the studies have very convincingly proved to the scientific world about coconut oil and vergin coconut oil ,
    17th November 2013

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