Eat Yourself Sexy, Smart and Sorted

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intro picWe all know that you are what you eat but did you know that as well changing your looks, food can also affect the way you feel? “Everything from the state of your skin and hair to your concentration levels and moods can be improved by eating healthy, tasty, nutritious foods,” says celebrity nutritionist Amanda Ursell.

Faddy diets and junk food can make you lethargic and depressed, but taking control of what you eat means taking control of your life.


1) Eat Yourself…Smart!

walnutsIt’s tempting to comfort-eat during exams or before a big meeting, but treating your body to the nutrients that make you bright and alert means you’ll get results you deserve. Foods rich in Omega 3 oils are vital for our brains to work fully.
• Fish: The best food for Omega 3 is salmon. Have it canned, baked or smoked in salads but limited your intake to a couple of times a week.
• Walnuts: Nibble brain-enhancing walnuts instead of sweets, which give a sugar rush and then a crash.
• Spaghetti with leafy greens or beans: A good night’s sleep before an important event is vital. A meal of slowly digested carbohydrates like pasta is a great option. Moreover, the leafy greens such as spinach contain iron which you need for energy. You can also substitute the pasta with brown rice.
• Milk: Milky drinks also boost shut-eye. Avoid caffeine or cola at night as they hinder sleep.

2) Eat Yourself…Happy!

fruit and vegAs a human being with the stresses of everyday life, your body is flushed with hormones, which can result in mood swings that seem out of control. However, eating right can keep you on a happy, even keel.
• Cereal: Insufficient iron is linked to low moods so tuck into fortified cereals. It is absolutely vital to eat breakfast-if you don’t, you’ll feel irritable by 11am. In addition, skipping breakfast can play havoc with your metabolism and could even make you put on weight.
• Brown Bread, Whole wheat chapattis, fruit and vegetables: Stick to whole meal food and carbohydrates that are digested slowly for a steady flow of energy. Whole wheat bread, chapattis, oats, whole wheat pasta, fruits and vegetables are great options.
• Turkey and Cottage cheese (Paneer): These help boost the feel good brain hormone, serotonin.

3) Eat Yourself…Popular!

fruit and nut saladEating foods that make your skin glow, your skin shiny and your eyes sparkle mean you’ll be confident enough to get people close to you-and everyone is attracted to confidence!
• Fruits and nuts: Oranges, kiwis, berries, carrots and tomatoes, along with olive oil, nuts and seeds, will boost skin, hair, nails and eyes. They’re packed with vitamin C and super nutrients beta-carotene and lycopene.
• Popularity also means feeling good around people so avoid foods that make you bloated. Eat slowly, chew carefully and avoid fizzy drinks to beat bloating. Cabbage, onions and baked beans can play havoc with the digestive system and make you windy-not good in a social situation!-so avoid them.

4) Eat Yourself…Kissable!

parsleyKissability is about more than pricey lipgloss: it’s about having a mouth that’s healthy on the inside too. It can be tempting to reach for the chewing gum to give you confidence, but gum only masks problems without fixing them.
• Parsley: Opt for a natural breath freshener. Parsley can make breath fresh and sweet. The green pigment called chlorophyll takes care of bad odors. It’s perfect if you’ve had stinky food on a date!
• Milk: Healthy teeth and gums result in a flirty smile. Drinking milk or soy milk with added calcium will give you strong, white teeth. Avoid coffee or cola as they stain your teeth.
• Ginger: Head over to a juice bar and down a drink containing citrus fruits and ginger. It will boost your circulation, making your cheeks rosy and your lips appear bigger!

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