30 days to great skin!

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30Get glowing, pimple-free, perfect skin! Here’s a month’s worth of tricks to have your best complexion ever!

Follow these 30 tips, some of which have to be done every day, week & month and you should see visible results in 30 days!

Do this every day:

1) This is probably the easiest one but you’ll be surprised at how many people actually follow it. Wash your face day and night to remove makeup, dirt and prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

2) Drink eight glasses of water a day to hydrate skin and make it radiant. Don’t lick your lips or you’ll dry them out!

3) In the shower, use a wash with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid to clear acne.

4) Aim for eight hours of sleep each night: it will allow your skin to repair itself fully.

5) Stick to one regimen-constantly changing products can cause flare-ups. Don’t rest your face in your hands to avoid zits.

6) After cleansing your skin, lock in moisture with a night oil-free lotion.

7) Shrink pimples overnight with a gentle benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.

8) A daily multivitamin with minerals will nourish your skin so it glows from within.

9) Smooth on SPF everyday: Sun protection is essential for pretty, healthy skin.

10) Shield your face from drying effects of the sun with a hat and sunglasses.

Do this once a week:

11) Eat foods with healthy omega-3 fatty acids to boost your skin’s defenses against environmental damage.

12) Snack on fruits and veggies. They’re packed with water to boost your skin’s hydration level.

13) Exercise helps increase blood circulation to skin’s surface, giving a rosy flush.

14) Buff your body in the shower with a mild scrub that gently exfoliates, leaving your skin silky to the touch.

15) Replace your razor blade after five to seven shaves-it can become dull and can cause nicks.

16) Smooth a thin layer of honey on damp skin and leave on for 10 minutes-it’s a natural moisturizer!

17) Your towel soaks up leftover soap and shampoo that can trigger annoying breakouts-so use separate ones for your face and your body, and replace them each week!

18) Massage a warming face scrub into your skin to help draw out stubborn on your nose and chin.

19) Clean your cell phone with an antibacterial wipe to remove dirt and oil that can cause breakouts along your jaw line. Don’t press your phone right up against your skin as this can cause zits.

20) Change your pillowcase. It soaks up oil from your hair and can rub it back into your skin!

Do this every month:

21) Throw away make-up whose texture or color has changed: old products are full of bacteria that can clog pores and cause an infection. Don’t pick at your blemishes to avoid scarring.

22) Exfoliation is crucial to get rid of dead skin cells not only from your face, but also from your scalp. Choose a treatment designed to remove product buildup, and apply it to only your scalp. The harsh ingredients can dry out your hair.

23) Use a blackhead removal strip across your nose to unclog pores.

24) Wash make-up brushes with soap and water to get rid of dirt and bacteria that can cause pimples. Don’t forget to replace the make-up puffs in your compacts!

25) Give yourself an at-home facial: Steam up your bathroom with warm water and spread on a clay mask to suck out excess oil from your skin. Rinse after 10 minutes.

26) Minimize old acne marks by rubbing on a fading gel that contains glycolic acid to speed up cell turnover for even skin tone.

27) Keep an eye on your moles and see a doctor if they have changed in shape or color.

28) Deep clean pores by applying face wash, then gently using an electric toothbrush (wet the bristles first) to help penetrate crevices (like the sides of your nose) where dirt can hide. An ordinary toothbrush can also be used for the same.

29) Replace your loofah: Bacteria can build up, which can irritate zits or scratches you have on your body.

30) Update your routine with the weather: if it’s cold, use a heavier moisturizer and if it’s warm, exfoliate more often

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    i would like to receive the body building/skin care and use of the body shapers and excercises regardingly.
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  • Hasmukh Kutmutia:

    I have read your article on skin care, and I found it surprisingly easy. I have decided to follow the tips right from tomorrow. I will let you know thw results after the month.

    Thanks a lot for such valuable easy tips. People mostly do not bother to read such articles with the assumption that skin care is a difficult process, mainly ment for actresses or such show business people.

    Hasmukh Kutmutia.

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    It would be great if given tips or suggestions to reduce my tummy and become slim and shaper asap. It will be beneficial to many girls like me.

  • Wow!!! That’s great. Everybody wants looks beautiful, and tips given in this article proves very helpful to make our skin Just fantastic and healthy. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

  • Renita Ghosh:

    Thanks for the great tips. I follow the cleansing, toning, moisturising process everyday and once a week exfoliate. The skin on my face is very oily, and below from my neck its dry and patchy. I have been using Parachute’s summerfresh body lotion to lock in the moisture and it has been working pretty well. It has coconut that lightens the skin tone and mint keeps it fresh. What do you suggest as a home remedy?

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    Thanks for nice tips my skin is very rughf i want my glow get my skin please tell me easy way to get & want to my colour fair i’ve pimples on my skin n my skin is very oily please do me a favour i’ll realy realy thanful to u and tell me cream & lotion for fairness that i can use what do u suggest home remedy for for & glowing skin my hands and foot is also have dul colour & skin is also ruf tell me easist and short time please a huge request to u,
    Stay bless always.

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    i’ve to much problems of my skin no any one cream lotion bais suit my skin just i want my complextion become fair tell me easy tips & suggestions please i’m waiting….
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  • Indira:

    Hi Shraddha,
    Excellent tips on skincare. Easy and within everyone’s reach. We only have to be conscious of the needs of our skin and follow these tips regularly. Also, there is no point in spending money on creams or lotions if we do not use them. Many people buy expensive moisturisers, but are not committed enough to use them on a regular basis.
    Just one suggestion Shraddha – when you recommend multi-vitamins or foods with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, , it would be a good idea to quote some examples, ( e.g.vitamin capsules with the B vitamins & E etc. and foods like salmon and other kinds of fish, Cod-liver oil capsules which contain vitamins A & D too))so that readers who do not know what they are, will be further enlightened…Thank you and keep up the good work. Indira Rodrigo. Toronto, Canada.

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  • Dear Malhothra Thanks a lot for such valuable easy tips. People mostly do not bother to read such articles with the assumption that skin care is a difficult process, mainly ment for actresses or such show business people

    Thanks again dearest

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    I am 47 years old, i am wearing a spect, i have one black spot on my nose same is not able remove & second thing near by my eyes i have black spot, kindly help us in this regards how to remove the same

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