4 mistakes men make when dealing with women!

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perfect coupleIt’s a known fact that women are complex creatures. We, as women understand that too. But that does not excuse some of the behavior that comes our way. We may not know exactly what we want but we definitely know what we don’t want.  From men who come on too strong to the nonchalant breed, we’ve seen it all and come out stronger. In addition, times have also evolved drastically.  More than the feeling of wanting to be independent and have our own careers and opinions (yes we have them) we feel as if we deserve all that and much more.  Men receive a lot of dating advice, from friends to mothers.  Some of it is useful while the rest is useless.  If you don’t want to send a woman screaming in the opposite direction, then don’t commit any of the following mistakes.

1) Acting Cheap

Even in today’s modern times, chivalry is appreciated. While it’s true that you don’t want the sort of women who runs behind a fat wallet, we are drawn to men to can protect us and provide for us. This includes picking up the tab, at least the first few times (without whining about it). This does not mean that you have to blow your paycheck by taking her to the most expensive restaurant in town. Simply taking her out for a nice meal at a decent restaurant will send across the signal that you’re a man who knows how to take care of a woman. Boasting about how much you make but not dishing out the goods when needed? Major turnoff and we will rethink how much you actually like and respect us. Treat her for a meal the first few dates and by the third or fourth date, she herself will suggest splitting the bill or even offer to pick it up. Make her pay earlier on, she’ll rethink whether she wants to have a future with you.

2) Neediness

It does not matter to us if you look like the Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin if you don’t have attitude to go with it. Nothing screams desperate more than being clingy from day one. Being constantly needy and insecure will not make us special. Instead you will lose a few points in the respect column. Women are attracted to a man’s attitude and confidence. We want a man who can take care of us, not a scared little boy who needs reassuring every five minutes. If you want her to hang around, then give her some space of her own. Show her how strong and great you are even without her and see how she chases you.

3) Acting too nice

It’s a fact that women love compliments. However, we also know when we deserve them and when we don’t. Telling her she looks hot when she’s feeling a little low will earn you brownie points but showering her with compliments non-stop will have the opposite effect. She’ll think you’re being insincere and fake. Act like a man and make her work for her compliments. Women love challenges just as much as men do! Plus, we both know you won’t be able to keep the façade forever, so just tone it down a bit and show her the real you. Agreeing with everything a woman says and does is also a big no-no. This does not make us like you more. Rather you come off as having no opinion or spine. Even though it may not seem like a good idea at the time, standing up for your beliefs and opinions will earn her respect in the long run.

4) Coming on too strong

There is a difference between letting her know that you’re interested and tell her how your life has changed since you met her. While it may feel great to dive into a new relationship headfirst, getting too caught up in a new relationship is unhealthy. A woman will lose interest in you if you show her how besotted with her you are in the first few weeks. Instead, make her work for it. If she can get all your affection and time easily, she won’t be satisfied with it. Ease yourself into the relationship gradually instead of showing too much interest earlier on.

  • kms:

    precise and perfect, every male species should read it twice. kms

  • AsadGhumman:

    When in my teenage & early young age,I was interested in ladies & wanted to be sincere with one, not a single lady was interested in me. Almost every lady rebuked me. But now when I have grown up & have become a bit arrogant & definitely don’t bother at all if a lady is interested in me or hates me or if is going to commit to suicide for me, I am all times occupied by ladies so much that I’m fed-up of them & don’t actually need any of them. Infact I feel love/romance or any relationship childish & plain stupidity. Don’t know why…

    • Ramli:

      Hi, Asad

      Don’t give up totally on women. Give yourself time for in life you should have a partner. Maybe the right woman has not crossed your path. When she does, don’t waste time. Marry her !
      Good luck.

      • AsadGhumman:

        Thanks a lot for the sincere advice. Hope I could buttt…. I can’t, I can’t love anyone when I know how to control opponents mind & thoughts. Sad but true 🙁

        My point in saying all this is that Love is blind & yes a blind lover can’t see or understand the above four points & eventually ends up in loosing his love. Women are not interested in a blind lover
        But one can’t fall in love anymore when he/she starts understanding the opposite sex & knows well what he/she like & what he/she dislikes & knows the DOs & Don’ts of love. The moment a man understands a woman, every woman in this universe just looks same to him & he no longer can fall in love with any particular woman… Every woman likes the man who behaves in the above mentioned pattern, then what is left special in any particular woman?? Nothing infact

    • aarthi:

      hi asad,
      A heart with a true love will always win and really wishes for the well being of your love, no matter at what age you are what situation you are what financial condition you are nothing matters for true love and you can never plan for your love, you can never go behind it, it will come to you and embrace you discomfort you, so never link infatuation or simple opposite sex attraction to love, i wish god shows your real love to you and at that time you will enjoy your love and you will only wish for the well being of your love nothing more than that.


    • Its true to feel like that Asad. All me are not alike and similarly all woman too are not alike. There are a very few differences with men and women and notably they are insignificant. All such articles saying as though woman are special or men are special have not been proved. Of course social norms definitely affect the sex differences.
      Even you will be attracted towards someone who do not pay much attention to you. the attraction grows as your desire to be noticed increases. The confusion is because sex is a biological need and marriage is a social necessity. If both the needs are matched with someone in life, your life becomes an exciting yet very cool and pleasant journey. All the best for a loving experience out of your own caring than because of some woman!

    • bipan:

      its true ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Parth:

      game of world
      now u r fed up of it
      so u ignores

      and as said in point 2 above
      u run a lil and she wil folow u

  • Tom Marvolo Riddle:

    My sister says that i will remain single throughout my life….

  • Ahsan:

    Actually, its fact that if u will run behind something that things will ignore u and if u will ignore that something then that something will run behind you.

    And that something is women or Girl

  • richard:

    Well there can be no hard and fast rule with women. While some may like to be pampered still there are some who like to pet the man she loves.What I think is that every woman is a unique creation and needt

  • If you love your lady sincerely, she will never hurt you and you will spend a happy life. So respect her and love her as much as you can while keeping yourself, your eyes and your feelings away from any other women.

  • dhanaraj:

    Good one and thanks for the same.

  • Arvind:

    I copied this link to my friends (both boys and girls)

    One response was
    “Read the article. May be sometimes it is better NOT to know what mistakes men make with women.”

    The most interesting part of the comment (in the same mail) was

    “Moreover, the article has been written by a woman! You never know, she might have changed her mind immediately after hitting the “submit” button :-)” – LOL no offence meant.

  • V Raghavan:

    What you say is all fine in theory. But don’t forget that love is an emotion that defies all description. If the chemistry works, with all the blunders both of you make, you will still want to see each other, forgetting all quarrels and arguments. That is love. There is nothing more beautiful than that in the world.

  • S.L.N.Sastry:

    Brought out correctly.

  • unninarayanan:

    This is a random finding and a lot to be find out during a vast search.But never forget the amount of mistakes on both sides are equal and resolve through a open discussion.Instead of that blaming only on men is merely ridiculous..

  • Nikhil:

    Hi Shraddha,

    I agree to you on some points and not to some and that is totally because of my experiences with women. I will say that like different kinds of men, there are also different kinds of women all over and there is no such set of behaviours that any man should follow.
    And yes, men receive all kinds of clashing “formulas” of successful relationship with women, but most of them work for some women, and most of them don’t work for other. Even after showing them our true and sincere nature, they literally don’t try to understand that all men are not the same and all men cannot fulfill the needs what every women expect them to.
    When it comes to the “spending attitude” of men, there are also different behaviours seen in women (comparing the “spending behaviour” by their dads or family and that by her boyfriend or her mate). Women also need to retire their old beliefs regarding religion and superstitions which will be definitely laughed upon by open-minded males.
    Really, every woman deserves the love and care, but it has to be in forms of expressions and actions by men towards them. I agree with you and Asad (above) that if women are given too much attention, they get repelled and if ignored, they automatically attracted. Also break-ups result when either of man or woman don’t try to comply with each other’s way of life and stay stubborn on their own beliefs

  • The Tips given are good and valid for all bachelors

  • XXX:

    Girls are so complicated ..My god ..demaag ka dahi

    • v5:

      Women need lots lots of luv, importance, time, attention. Will never trust their partner talking to another female even if she’s just a friend. Suspicion & Jealousy are their most innate qualities

  • Puneeth:

    Don’t believe in girls in your life time, because they love only wallets but not men.

  • Dr.Masson:

    Woman thy name is mystery–she is a very difficult creature; handle her with a great care less she’ll slip away.

  • Sothear:

    So much comments for this acticle.
    That means it is interested.
    The article is meaningful enough
    for consideration. Same medicine
    may not cure same illness. All I know is
    “Nothing is wrong but love is right”

  • nagesh:

    It is said that lord Brahma also cant understnd the mind of a woman.your points are eye opener for men who are serious to build a healthy relationship with a woman he loves.

  • ABBAS:

    insan me capability hone chaheye whokise se bhe love ker sakta hai

  • aarthi:

    Hi XXX and Dr.Masson
    If girls are complicated boys are much more complicated
    If women are mystic men are much more mystic
    Is it, it is not the point, It is the comment about men for women and women for men,
    Both men and women are equally worried and afraid and they wish to take careful steps when it comes to their life partner,
    Women may want to protect and stay away from men due to the fact that they will get pregnant and all that (though there are a lot of contraceptive techniques nowadays, the fear may be there in the gene right from the olden day lady to the modern lady) so that’s why they want to limit themselves, otherwise the feeling is same in both the sides, both are open and both can equally do mistakes and both can equally cheat each other both can equally love each other
    All that matters is the mind not male or female.
    But love is love which is un comparable to anything in the world which makes meaning to life and make us to live, if love is dead everything is dead.That is the mystery in the gods creation
    Love you and love all your feelings

    • Nikhil:

      Girls and women are much more complicated than men because of their physical bodies and their fear to protect their bodily parts. This fear is not present in men and so they are not complicated. Also, this fear within women is more in countries like India, Muslim countries and Africa because of the sexual exploitation of women by “rowdy” guys. Not all men want to make women pregnant, but these rowdy guys have spoilt the trust of good guys who are now suffering. Parents hear such news and induce more fear in their daughters. Again there is a fear of society – “log kya kagenge?”. All there fears do not haunt women in advanced countries and hence they are very open and free to talk and fall in relationships.

    • Atathi information is 100% perfect. Love is love only. But to love the other partner the understanding is very much require. But it is very difficult to understand the mind of a other partner. We cannot change the nature of a person. the other partner cannot understand the nature of wife or husband. It may good for one person, but other person think they are doing bad for us. Since we cannot change the nature or person, the problem will continue till life end. It Leeds to divorce or second person connection. Many people is not willing for divorce, the illegal second connection in inevitable. Because of this love will not exist in this family.

    • raj:

      wow nice thought aarthi totally agree with u and i wana say one thing from my experiance ladies just need respect and love and nothing more so always try to keep her happy and give her respect because womens r sophisticated and beautiful creature of god so frnds pls hand with care her

    • Kailash:

      Indeed, one of the facts………

  • Uben:

    One trait found universally in every women (except in my mum!!) is Jealousy.

    • Nikhil:

      Very true, and so to convince one girl for love, men have to use other girls or friends. This in turn makes things worse as the girlfriends which were used to make the target girl jelous thinks that she is deceived by the boy

  • Dr.Ramesh.M.S.:

    It is true that women expect men to shower love on them and continue doing so for a loooooooooooong time

  • Rajan:

    I agree with the comment of Arthi.Love is only LOVE.No-body but no-body can describe or define it.Both the man and the woman make mistake to differentiate between “Love her/him and fall in love with him/her”It is foolish to say”I love you or I am in love with you.Let the other to under-stand you.It is your behavior which will tell the other that you are in love with him/her.The fact is we don’t have time to analyze the behavior.We are in hurry NOW or NEVER.HUM INTAZAR KARENGA TERA QYAMAT TAK.No not at all.We don’t have time.

    This is love.
    Stay away my dear.Just have some fun and forget.Apply 4Fs.

  • Chetan:

    it doesn’t matter how much you love or care for a girl, they always run behind money & London tickets. and there is no way, that she could give us 1 valid reason to break out heart.
    So, always listen to your parents, and go for arrange marriage. you will have lot of time to love and care for 1 woman for life.

  • taniparti:

    LOVE- its not an emotion and its not an affection.it is a state of being.it is possible only when each other decides to stay for life time.if not,the day comes to seperate each other.we never know initially its going to break.everybody wants to keep a relation for the life time.it doesnot work in all the cases.

  • priya..:

    hello ..
    love …..bad idea….. these points written above r fr men who just want to make women closer to them and who didnt have any women near them in past ..onlu those will try these things …jerks …just go fr us .we will all yours ….never try love ..its complicated


  • as far as i know..and experienced..love starts with money and ends up with money…there is no word like true love bocz everything is money.simple logic
    ive seen many husband wives living. of different religions different status .theres a competition in every ones life ..looking the lifestyle of each ones there are conflicts. then here is where you can really say love exists or not…….love is not just loving each other, it is a compromise how far each sex co operates and compromises..each other

  • Four mistakes men make when dealing with women.

    Why limit to four only.
    Man (includes women) is very complex an it is said that the five elements fire,air,water,sky and earth are said to be basic elements. Added the man is loaded with intelligence, mind and the nature surrounding it. The five sensory organs, five functioning organs, mixed with hate, love, pleasure, pain likes, dislikes, prejudices, and the most important the ever changing priorities make it hugely complex to simply and bind it for four mistakes to man while dealing with the women. What are the other mistakes of women while dealing with man. What are the other mistakes they together make to the neightbours, society and humanity.

    Too complicated and you write and write and still you have not touched an iota of the subject.

    Thanks and rgds.goldsugar

  • dear all

    woman’s are very unpredictable ! we don’t no them until we died.

  • raj:

    They( most of the women) are so CONFUSED.In the early teens they want tom cruise and nothing else.Little older, they like , BELIEVE ME, ALL ROGUE CHARACTERS, MAY BE THEY GET A KICK OUT OF IT, they find it exciting to be with men who are different ( certainly not decent)wearing earplugs, stupid hairdo etc.Then for marriage they need a nut with a fat wallet and boys they loved ( and of course slept with)with earplugs wont suite them any longer and now they want someone who is good looking well mannered, who can provide for them, care for the, luv them, and do all things that they want ( without giving a shit to what he wants ). They are not clear when they want to be listened to and when not.They want advise also but at the same time they dont want to be instructed, will make mistakes and sheepishly say sorryyyyyyyy but if u make one, u have had it.

    UNDOUBTEDLY SOME ARE GOOD WHO DONT ALWAYS THINK THAT THEY ARE RIGHT ALL THE TIME, LISTEN TO MEN FOLK where they know they dont understand an iota of the field, be good daughter, a good friend, a good girl friend,a good wife ( in all ways, all ways , u know what I mean )a good mother, and certainly you dont have to be a super women to be all this JUST A TRUE SIMPLE BUT SMART PERSON who performs every roile at different stage of life with extreme EASE like men do.They are best pals in teens, make good friends and boyfriends( girls really take them for ride and they cheerfully allow then to and gloat about it later, they actually enjoy it ), they are always good sons ( till the women in their life drifts them apart from his parents, WOMEN AH), GOOD HUSBAND ( WHO ALWAYS BEARS THE EVER CHANGING MOODS OF THE WIFE DEAR ) AND GOOD FATHER OFCOURSE who starts to live for their children after marriage.

    so women, change your self and dont teach us

  • shaik:

    Very true love , and so to convince one girl for love, men have to use other girls or friends. This in turn makes things worse as the girlfriends which were used to make the target girl jelous thinks that she is deceived by the boy and girl

  • Hi,All
    I wand few things> Its true that true love happens, but people don’t understand now a days, specially Females. I have also felt the same as Asad did, I feel girls take males for granted the moment you start loving them. They loose there regards for men in love, actually i think they feel those type of person are not practical and cheap. The moment one start flirting with them they will get attracted to that person, they will be dumped but still they will go for that guy, and person near to her truly in love with her will be there watching her go with a flirt. So love is not for women. I don’t think they deserve that. So guys love your work and not women, they are part and parcel of life treat them as bus, train etc that will come and go.

  • It is very informative article.It is also true that ladies are difficult to understand,but one should be tricky to handle them. sometime one life is not sudfficent enough to understand them.Article is really worth appreciable.Thank again.

  • Meet:

    True very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy true. I have experienced ittttttttt.

  • sadman:

    article is quite interesting, bit what god have fated for us, i think thats gonna happened…no matter how much we try , failure is the answer

  • tino:

    friends i hav done the point 3 and point 4 things to the girl i love..
    and now she does not show any interest in me..

  • Deb:

    Can anyone tell me what is the exact meaning of LOVE ? Because till date I never had a feeling of LOVE, though I am married for last 23 years, and we have a very good understanding and relationship between ourselves. May be I am a unlucky person or don’t have the capability to enjoy the true feeling of Divine LOVE.

    I will really appreciate if anybody can explain or can make me realize the true feeling of LOVE.


    ayee….u have found ur mann;)
    there is something calld brillaince n i stumbled upon it in ur words.

  • venkat:

    Most important thing women loves is thier men to be true to them,share one’s feeling ,take complete care of them both monetarily and emotionally ,provide space , to handle the people from your family insuch way that there is no disrespect to your women , there has to be transperancy and above love for one other. Solve all issues before going to bed. Always respect her opinion and avoid direct question on her expenses. Commitments are to be honored.

  • J:

    Hey, Does anyone know how to get a separated wife back ?

  • Kaushik mehta:

    It is said that women are unknown

  • Amni:

    I agree with all points except no. 1.

    Chivalry is ok – open the doors, pull up chair for her and maybe take her coat. BUT only follow step one if you are really thinking long-term. If you’re thinking short-term, don’t pay for her – split all bills and buy drinks in rounds. Women looking for something short-term do not need to be shown that you can provide, they need to be shown that you’re not to be used. Lover vs. provider – you choose what you want to be.

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