5 Friends Every Woman Should Have

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They say that friends are the new family or even the family that God let us choose for ourselves. Every friend brings something new into your life and helps in making you a better person. When it comes to friendship, the saying “quality over quantity” is truly apt. There are atleast 5 types of friends every woman should have to have fulfilling friendships that last throughout life.

Consider yourself very fortunate if you have even one of these ladies in your life.


1) The Travel Companion:

This is your go-to girl when the travel bug has caught up with you. This friend is adventurous, enjoys experiencing new things and cultures. She’s up for pretty much anything from a trip to Paris to backpacking through America. Moreover, she has the most important characteristic needed on such trips : flexibility so that if things go quite as planned, she doesn’t get frazzled and is ok with resorting to Plan B. You should be comfortable enough with her to have long personal talks and indulge in a little bit of mischief.

2) The Truth Teller:

If you ever want a frank answer, then this is the woman you need to pay a visit to. She can see both sides of a situation clearly and values honesty. She tells it like it is without sugar coating it. The thing to remember here is that even if she seems brutally honest sometimes, it’s always out of love as she has your best interests at heart. She’s the girl who’ll tell you if you’re too overdressed for that date or have something stuck in your teeth before a meeting.

3) The Entertainment Package:

This girl just wants to have fun and is always up for having a good time. Even if you’ve had a bad day, she’ll be sure to put a smile back on your face within just a few minutes. She finds humor and adventure even in the smallest things. Her love and enthusiasm for life is infectious. With her, it’s all about spontaneous good times.

4) The Unconditional Supporter:

Feeling down in the dumps? Then a little chat with this girl is all you need. She’s perfect for a heart-to-heart as she listens to your problems and is positive through the good times and the bad. She’ll be the first one to support your decision of leaving your 6 figure salary and going back to school. She has a very positive and motivated approach towards life. She will stick by you through thick and thin. Even if she disagrees with you, she will never judge. She makes you feel like everything is going to be alright.

5) The Unlikely Friend:

Every woman needs one of these. They open a new world for you and introduce you to new cultures and new perspectives on life. They may be double or half your age, from different cultures or socioeconomic backgrounds or even from a different hemisphere of the globe. They enrich your life in a way that only variety can do.

If you can think of more then add them in the comments section below!

  • Excellent Advice for all mothers and daughters to have five types of friends to make life worth living and enjoying.

  • V Raghavan:

    I would think that a MAN needs all these attributes in a woman! Lucky indeed is the man, who has even half of these in his life!

  • poongodi ganesan:

    nice article to read.

  • Nuwanmal:

    nice article to read for every woman

  • ekhlas:

    would think that a moman needs all these attributes in a man! Lucky indeed is thewoman, who has even half of these in her life!

  • Jatin:

    Don’t miss guide just a single man can play all these roles for a single woman. Or else every gal will search for 5 such boyfriends OMG.

  • koya puthuthottil:

    A very nicely written article. Qualities of a friend are precisely described. I do appreciate the effort taken by my friend in posting this type of useful article.

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  • shervin:

    thanks for the nice text.Having number of friends is wonderful but I think if everyone tries to have these 5 attributes for her/himself can be a great friend for the others.let’s get these 5 attributes for ourseleves.

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