The Choices that will Dramatically Impact the Quality of your Life

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choiceLife is full of choices and opportunities. However, some choices will have a  greater impact on your life than others.  There are a few choices that will dramatically impact the quality of your life no matter when you make that choice.

So one must know them and the best of them!



Friendships: If there is any area in life where you should choose wisely, it would be your friendships. Numerous studies have shown that you become a byproduct of the people you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with losers, then you’re well on your way to becoming one.  If you surround yourself with winners, then you’re on your way to becoming one. Another thing that you want to do is chose friends who reinforce your positive self image. There’s a big difference between friends who joke about you endearingly versus those who seem to get their rocks off by putting you down. If you have some toxic friends, it’s time to detox!

Careers: Making the choice between passion and practicality is something you really should take seriously in your career. I didn’t do it in my younger years and as a result my life was miserable in numerous ways. My health deteriorated, I was depressed, and I was always angry or anxiety ridden. A career takes up a significant part of your life, up to 65% of your day in many cases. If you hate what you do, then think about what kind of things you are going to attract into your life. The majority of your time, energy, and thoughts are being directed to your misery. It’s a simple application of the law of attraction at work.

Relationships: Your choice in relationships not only alters the quality of your life, but the quality of someone else’s. So, if you make a bad choice you run the risk of making two people’s lives miserable. Of course the opposite is true as well. If you make the right choice then you double the joy that goes out into the world and bring more of it back to you. Have you ever noticed how at the beginning of a relationship when you start dating somebody, everything seems too be perfect. You have a great time together and everything goes smoothly and you seem to be on a roll of attracting positive experiences into your life. Then, you stop getting along, and everything else goes to hell too. So, make sure you choose wisely.

Reactions: This is the most overlooked choice that one has! It has been said over and over that life is not about what happens to you, but how you react to what happens to you. Once we learn how to control our reactions to everything that happens we manage to achieve complete control over our lives. We are no longer impacted by circumstances and events because we are choosing our reactions.

  • excellent, very useful for those youngsters on the verge of getting jobs and getting married. These decisions either make or mar your life.
    A wrong decision may need a herculean time and effort to rectify in the years to come.

  • anand:

    great eye opener.

    • In life we often choose to drift and in the process we miss out on these four choices. I strongly recommend all youngsters to read and remember these all-important FOUR CHOICES !!!

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    Excellent! Crisp, Compact, Clear & Candid.

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    all your mails are very useful, interesting.thanks for these.

  • Nice One. Very well written

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    Very useful tip to achieve our life goal..Thanks Priya..


    excellent sayings ! those who understand can make a big difference to their lives

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    Thanks.Very practicle

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    Good work. continue the great job

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    A wonderful eye opener and informative, God bless you.Mohan Setia.

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    very interesting and very helpful

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    Already people have an insight into these aspects of life.
    Seldom they follow them. Good that you have reminded again.

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      be positive man…………….its not alike. But one should not give up. Life is full of passion & freedom.

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    its really great…. everyone should know about this….

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    bravo,aptly said to lead a life with full of peace and fullest satisfaction once must to be choosy in every aspects

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    it iss good andvery useful food for thought to contemplate and ponder upon

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    Excellent and very useful for today’s youngsters.

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    Beautiful and real lines to be taken seriously by youngsters so that their life will not be miserable later.

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    A very concise anecdote . Speaks of the person’s experience in life. The first three are where one condemns oneself to life imprisonment if one goes wrong and the fourth is like sudden death in a polo match. Good one.

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    good :)Very useful tip to achieve great things in life

  • Make it a mantra. Apply it to yourself at all life stages.

    15 -25 For choice of career and life time friendships
    20 -32 For sticking or changing with career and spouse
    30 -40 For nurturing and building Spouse and family
    40 -50 For not getting stuck in a dead end and unsatisfying career
    or Relationships
    50 -60 FOr not looking forward to retiring – for most doing nothing
    60 -70 For doing things which you think you missed out on
    70 -80 For not advising others how to lead their life however wrong
    Beyond 80 For thanking almighty for what he has bestowed on you till date

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    it is realy very informative and helpful in life

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    these are the three things one really need in life ..if one coose these well then……everything perfect !!!!!

  • Nagaraja Sarma Maddipatla:

    90% of the time our lives will be in our control and we can write our destinies ourselves to a great extent, provided we exercise these choices rightly at the right time! Thanks for analysing the lives, choices, results and serving in a platter so that people realise the importance of these basic elements of life and correct themselves where necessary, before it is too late.

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    Beautiful way to show the coming young generation thanks Priya,,,,,

  • Manik khadgi:

    Beautiful Tips of coming young generation,,,Thanks Priya,,

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    its very useful for everyone who want to change their thinking way

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    Its a very excellent message by priya i hope all the youngsters shud no abt this so tat it brings them a big difference in their life. Not only this all the messages are quite different and worth to us.
    Thank u once again priya………..

  • Very nice and inspiring one. its useful only when we put in practice, most of us read n forget.

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    Very very good & practical for any one to apply in their personal life.

  • very valuable advice for leading a peaceful&happy life.But I doubt how many of us would be able to apply in their own life&make it effective.I’ve crossed 58yrs of my life & found not a single who follow these rules except my husband/my best half.

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    Very useful information to develop personality & carrier.

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    these are instructions which every young peson should follow to succeed in life

  • Excellent Dear, I read this and farwarded to my son Ashok Mehta(USA)and on return he appriciated.I am 63 years and he is 32years old.As both have appriciate, proves that these are all time guide-lines for all ages.Thanks.

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    Useful but practically we can’t follow

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    If you have regular news on such informative things can I subscribe for those informative details

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    i have a question….if you want to take up a career…do you have to listen to your heart or do stuffs that are practical?i wanted to become a singer but right now i am studying to be a doctor…i really don’t know what am i passionate about and am totally confused on what to do later on in life….please someone help me….:)

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    I like you view point. Life is all about how to adapt to various changing situations around you.

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    A must read by all the young ones not to make early mistakes

  • The advises given in Karmik Mantra about the choices that’ll dramatically impact the quality of our life are undoubtedly useful which add a great value to every aspects of our lives.So,if every one of us try our best to follow these advises ,definately all of us can be able to lead a pleasant & peaceful life.

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    Its quite a good useful stuff.

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