Eat Yourself Sexy, Smart and Sorted

intro picWe all know that you are what you eat but did you know that as well changing your looks, food can also affect the way you feel? “Everything from the state of your skin and hair to your concentration levels and moods can be improved by eating healthy, tasty, nutritious foods,” says celebrity nutritionist Amanda Ursell.

Faddy diets and junk food can make you lethargic and depressed, but taking control of what you eat means taking control of your life.


5 Friends Every Woman Should Have


They say that friends are the new family or even the family that God let us choose for ourselves. Every friend brings something new into your life and helps in making you a better person. When it comes to friendship, the saying “quality over quantity” is truly apt. There are atleast 5 types of friends every woman should have to have fulfilling friendships that last throughout life.

Consider yourself very fortunate if you have even one of these ladies in your life.



Simple Weight Loss Exercises

swimmingWeight, BMI and visiting the gym; Junk, tasty and munching away, these six terms have become an important part of each urban individuals life. Balancing them all is the task that most fail at, striving for a healthy heart everyone aims at.

We have looked into simple methods that each individual can implement in order to maintain that BMI as well munch on those cheesy, delicious meals.



Fat Burning Foods

fat burning foodsThis article will make every girl’s dream come true. According to Janet Starr Hull, there are certain foods that burn fat before it can before it can be stored in the body. Hence, calories in fatty foods are reduced. This is also because the amount of calories required to digest these foods is more than the amount of calories you gain eating these foods. So read on and eat your way to a thinner and fitter you! (more…)

Effective Ways to Lower your Cholesterol Levels

cholesterol levelsThe lifestyle of today is such that people always have too many balls in the air and are competing with time. However, that is no excuse to eat junk food on the go all the time. It leads to obesity and high cholesterol levels which are harmful for health. Even though awareness regarding this has been generated, the number of people suffering from high cholesterol has continues to increase steadily over the years. High cholesterol can easily be managed by following a few basic rules. Read on, before it’s too late.  (more…)

Tips for Glowing Skin

Tips for Glowing SkinAre you, like most of population of the world, eager to know how to acquire and maintain healthy, glowing skin? Well the good news is that you can easily achieve this at home without expensive salon treatments that burn a hole in your pocket.

The real secret is to stick to these tips regularly. Read on to know you can achieve radiant skin by following these 7 simple tips.